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Should I See A Therapist When Getting Divorced?

NYC Relationship Counselor Talk About Benefits of Therapy For People Going Through Divorce

How Do You Rewire Anxious Attachment Style?

How To Rewire Anxious Attachment Style

How Do You Get Over Trauma In A Relationship?

Tips on how to get over trauma in a relationship or out of relationship

NYC Relationship Counseling Therapist Answers: How Does Being Cheated On Change You?

NYC Relationship Counseling Therapist Answers: How Does Being Cheated On Change You?

What Is The Best Partner For Anxious Attachment Style?

How to deal with anxious attached partner in a relationship

10 Pieces of Dating Advice After My 8 Years As A Therapist That Specializes In Dating & Relationships

10 Pieces of Dating Advice from a NYC Therapist

NYC Dating and Relationship Therapist Answers : Why Do People Cheat?

Why People Cheat, NYC Dating and Relationship Therapist Answers

The Courage to Love Again After A Bad Breakup or Divorce

Thoughts and Tips on How to Love Again After A Bad Breakup

How To Deal With Dating App Burnout

Tips on how to deal with dating app burnout and alternatives.

How To Heal From Avoidant Attachment In Dating and Relationships

TIps on how to heal and deal with avoidant attachment style in dating and relationships.

How To Heal From Anxious Attachment In Dating and Relationships

Tips for people who have anxious attachment in dating.

How Scarcity Mindset Shows Up in Dating And How Abundance Mindset Can Help You

I talk about how scarcity mindset shows up in dating and why abundance mindset is sexy. I compare dating to eating dim sum and also talk about why Ji A from Singles Inferno is so attractive to men.

Fun Dating Challenge: Finding your Imago Exercise

Fun dating challenge, making your imago exercise. 10-15 minutes

When You Feel the Biological Clock Tick, How Do You Find a Partner?

There is a lot of pressure to get married, to have children, and to create the white picket fence life. You begin to feel like your dating pool is shrinking, and as you age, you may start to feel like you’ll be single forever. Society definitely doesn’t help on the anxiety front.

4 Tips to Avoid Attracting Narcissist-Like People

If you’re here and reading this, odds are you have found yourself in a relationship with a narcissistic person. If you’ve found yourself in multiple relationships with a narcissist, you’re probably wondering why you keep attracting this type of person. The truth is, there have likely been warning signs along the way that you missed.

How Growing Up in an Addicted Home Affects Dating

Relationship woes can often indirectly stem from patterns and dynamics with our parents or family members—how we are raised as children shapes who we become in adulthood.

How to Navigate Anxiety When Dating Someone New

No matter what age group you fall under, today’s dating world can be tough to navigate. Fun and exciting, yes. But also stressful, and sometimes, when things might not work out, a little hurtful.

How Attachment Styles Show Up in Dating

Love is a beautiful and necessary thing. Finding your person to celebrate the important moments in life with is often a goal for many people. No one wants to be lonely. The journey to get there, however, can be quite the rollercoaster. Dating isn’t for the weak-hearted or weak-minded. Between ghosters, players, emotionally unavailable people, and clingers…there are a lot of personality types to manage in this practice of dating. Combine those with your own personality and personal approaches; you may have had a failed relationship or two. The idea of Attachment Theory can offer some insight into failures and successes.

6 Questions to Ask When Dating

Dating for everyone is going to be different, and can move on different timelines. No matter how that looks, there are questions you should ask your dates to gather information for compatibility purposes. Plus, dating can be awkward at times, and this will give you icebreakers and open doors for additional conversations.

5 Ways to Show Up for Yourself in Your Relationship

Everyone wants the perfect relationship. When in a relationship, it’s natural to want to put your partner above and before yourself. Anything to make them happy and feel loved. But what about you? It is equally, if not more important, to show up for yourself in your relationship. Ignoring your needs can only lead to being walked all over and potentially failing relationships in the long run.

Giving Yourself Permission To Be Intimate

It’s 2023, and while it seems like the world has become so much more progressive and accepting, there still do exist many “social norms” that place certain subject matters into a taboo constraint. As women, that can be even tighter.

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Offering Virtual Therapy Throughout New York and In Person Therapy on the Upper West Side, NYC.

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