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Hi, I'm glad you have found me.

You are in the right space, the sacred safe space of emotional healing, transformation and discovering true happiness.
You may be feeling like a candle that is burnt out while others keep trying to blow out that little light of yours.
You may be feeling so heavy because you are trapped and confused by your emotions.

You are not alone, part of the journey is undoing the loneliness and finding your true sense of self before all the were caught up in raw pain and lost yourself.

I invite you to let me be your guide to get unstuck and let it end in freedom.

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Counseling for Women

Do you get tired of always having to be superwoman? You deserve to be loved and accepted for who you are.

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If you want to tap into your rich colorful unconscious mind and find meaning in life, I can offer guidance every step of the way.

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EMDR Therapy

Bilateral back and forth movement of the eye can process traumatic memories and save millions of lives.

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Relationship Counseling

Do you struggle with figuring out if you should save your relationship? You deserve to get the love you want.

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Asian American Therapist

Are you tired of explaining your unique cultural experience to your non Asian therapist?

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I can’t wait to meet you! Schedule a free consultation with me and don’t wait until you’ve hit rock bottom to start.
Testimonials from clients
“Ms. Shanni is by far, the most understanding and caring therapist I have ever met. She is slow, and methodical, and I never feel rushed during any of our sessions. She has patience like a saint, and is very understanding of my needs. I never feel like my hands are being held either, and she has never once given off the appearance of condescension. She works with me, and is very supportive, through my journey. The person I am now, is completely different from the person she first met. I cannot thank her enough, nor recommend her enough”
J.K - Brooklyn, New York
“I've been through a couple of therapists trying to find the right one for me, and I'm very happy that I had stumbled upon Shanni. She takes the time to get to know you and listen to what you need. Even after your session, she reflects on what you've said and brings it to your next session to see how she can help you become stronger. I have worked with Shanni on issues revolving around my family, career, culture, and relationships. The growth I've experienced with her has truly changed my life for the better. Compared to how I was a year ago, I've seen a significant improvement in what I had wanted to accomplish with therapy. While there is still more to go, I feel relieved she is by my side. I highly recommend her to anyone looking for support and positive change.”
J.C - Queens, New York
“Shanni was instrumental for me after a difficult year. She taught me new coping strategies and therapies, and went out of her way to check in after particularly difficult sessions. I highly recommend Shanni for anyone looking to make a positive change in their mental health journey.”
J.F - New York, New York
“Shanni is a great therapist. She is always on time, respectful, and thoughtful. I appreciate the combined use of EMDR, talk therapy, and practical tools used in sessions. She is knowledgeable and has keen insight into her patients. I highly recommend Shanni!”
K.L - New York, New York

I provide culturally responsive, trauma informed & strength based individual therapy.

What my colleagues are saying
“Shanni is a dedicated and skilled social worker with a bilingual and bicultural background. She is able to translate Western-based clinical theories and skills into culturally relevant practice. I am confident that she will be an asset to the Asian mental health community.”
Professor Chung - New York, New York
“Shanni is an exceptional person whom I have known for over a decade  since her attendance to the Young Professional Mentoring Program at NYU sponsored by The New York Coalition for Asian American Mental Health where I had the privilege to co chair. Throughout our work together, I had the privilege to observe Shanni as a naturally gracious, caring and kind person who is always ready to help those in need. She is efficient and  productive and makes the most of her time with her clients. She is  patient, loving and full of compassion. She is  always out to elevate to better her work with herself hence to her  clients.   It has  truly  been  a privilege and blessing to have come to work with Shanni and know that any client will be in good hands under her care.”
Mary N.  - New Jersey

Therapy with Shanni

Offering Virtual Therapy Throughout New York and In Person Therapy on the Upper West Side, NYC.

110 W96th St Suite 1D, New York, NY 10025 (Tuesdays & Fridays)
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