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women looking out on the window happy
Guest Blog Post: The Therapeutic Window

Very special guest post by Richard G. Lanzara, MPH, PHD. Follow him on LinkedIn to learn more about his receptor research.

women swimming with a clock underwater
When You Feel the Biological Clock Tick, How Do You Find a Partner?

There is a lot of pressure to get married, to have children, and to create the white picket fence life. You begin to feel like your dating pool is shrinking, and as you age, you may start to feel like you’ll be single forever. Society definitely doesn’t help on the anxiety front.

women Hand on her face, looking stressed
4 Tips to Avoid Attracting Narcissist-Like People

If you’re here and reading this, odds are you have found yourself in a relationship with a narcissistic person. If you’ve found yourself in multiple relationships with a narcissist, you’re probably wondering why you keep attracting this type of person. The truth is, there have likely been warning signs along the way that you missed.

black and asian women holding signs about racism
Asian American
What Is Culturally Responsible Therapy & What Does It Look Like?

More and more people are opening up about their struggles with mental health. Society has begun to place a much higher priority on mental health and establishing a healthy balance.

Holding signs up on racism
Asian American
4 Ways to Quell Anxiety About Racial Profiling

Anxiety has become the most common mental health disorder, appearing in various forms. Understandably, for people of color, systemic racism, microaggression, and overt racism can fuel anxiety.

family eating dinner
How Growing Up in an Addicted Home Affects Dating

Relationship woes can often indirectly stem from patterns and dynamics with our parents or family members—how we are raised as children shapes who we become in adulthood.

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How to Navigate Anxiety When Dating Someone New

No matter what age group you fall under, today’s dating world can be tough to navigate. Fun and exciting, yes. But also stressful, and sometimes, when things might not work out, a little hurtful.

couple arguing
How Attachment Styles Show Up in Dating

Love is a beautiful and necessary thing. Finding your person to celebrate the important moments in life with is often a goal for many people. No one wants to be lonely. The journey to get there, however, can be quite the rollercoaster. Dating isn’t for the weak-hearted or weak-minded. Between ghosters, players, emotionally unavailable people, and clingers…there are a lot of personality types to manage in this practice of dating. Combine those with your own personality and personal approaches; you may have had a failed relationship or two. The idea of Attachment Theory can offer some insight into failures and successes.

man holding flowers for gift for girl
6 Questions to Ask When Dating

Dating for everyone is going to be different, and can move on different timelines. No matter how that looks, there are questions you should ask your dates to gather information for compatibility purposes. Plus, dating can be awkward at times, and this will give you icebreakers and open doors for additional conversations.

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5 Ways to Show Up for Yourself in Your Relationship

Everyone wants the perfect relationship. When in a relationship, it’s natural to want to put your partner above and before yourself. Anything to make them happy and feel loved. But what about you? It is equally, if not more important, to show up for yourself in your relationship. Ignoring your needs can only lead to being walked all over and potentially failing relationships in the long run.

couple getting intimate
Giving Yourself Permission To Be Intimate

It’s 2023, and while it seems like the world has become so much more progressive and accepting, there still do exist many “social norms” that place certain subject matters into a taboo constraint. As women, that can be even tighter.

couple crossing their arms sitting next to each other
Learning From Your Past Mistakes to Protect Your Future Relationships

Relationships are fun and rewarding. They can also be a struggle, heartbreaking, and exhausting. We all make mistakes in relationships. It can be challenging to pick back up and move on when they end.

couple doing their own thing in same space
5 Tips for Setting Healthy Boundaries in Your Relationship

You have found your person! A relationship should be an exciting venture, whether new or established. If you nurture it, it will bloom.

In the land of relationships, there are three key parts: you, your partner, and the relationship itself. Giving your all to your partner and the relationship doesn’t necessarily mean everything will just magically work out. Each of the three parties involved needs its own level of nurturing.

girl wearing pink princess dress with pink flowers
Asian American
Shopping, An Asian Therapist's Love Story

A short memoir documenting my decades love affair for clothes and shopping. I will examine my relationship with shopping in a powerful meaningful way that touches the root of my underlying trauma.

girl looking at menu and eating alone
Dating Takes Time—5 Tips to Fit Dating into Your Life

Life gets rather busy and can go by in a flash. Work full time. Exercise daily. Visit your family. Socialize with your friends. Do all the adulting things. Drink water. Get eight hours of sleep. Don’t forget to take some personal time.

Fitting all that into a week, let alone a day, can be overwhelming. Now adding dating into that mix can sometimes feel like an impossible feat. Here are some tips to consider when you’re feeling too busy for dating.

girl and boy looking down at the hill
How Perfectionism Can Impact Your Dating Life

Striving to do your best is never a bad thing. In fact, doing your best will often get you far in life. However, there is a fine line between your best and perfectionism. You know you’ve crossed that line when you desire to succeed and accomplish your very best but still feel like a failure. The pursuit of excellence comes with such high standards that they might actually be unattainable.

woman holding shattered photo frame
How to Handle Ghosting & Gaslighting in the Dating World

Oh, the joys of modern-day dating. Searching for your soulmate should be a time of excitement, wonder, joy, and pleasure. Who doesn’t want to find that Allie and Noah Notebook love story after all? Unfortunately, we all live in a world where people are a lot more ballsy, and social media adds an unfavorable icing on top at times. Things like ghosting and gaslighting are becoming more commonplace than anyone would like.

dating options women choosing shoes
Women: Who do You Date When You Have 2 (or More) Options?

Having choices are never a bad thing, not even when it relates to dating. Unless you are indecisive, in which case it can become quite complicated. Have no fear if that describes you! Here are a few helpful bullet points to make your decision-making easier.

women in pink blazer
Redefining Career Ambitions as a Woman

Girls got goals! We set the sky as our limit, and damn it, we’re out there reaching for it. This era of women in the workforce has evolved into women busting through those glass ceilings. But what happens when your ambitions still leave you feeling empty or unfulfilled? Historically, society has not been the kindest to ambitious women. We broke the mold of the cookie-cutter housewife challenging that norm. Add in the bonus challenge of being made to feel apologetic for wanting a career and more.

love bombing woman in pink dress
6 Dating Red Flags

So what is a red flag? It truly differs from person to person. Depending on what your personal values and beliefs are, it can sway what is considered problematic. Some red flags are universal, as they can be potentially dangerous.

women and man eating dinner on first date
6 Important Questions to Ask Your Date

So you’re dating someone new! Whether you met via mutual friends, bumped into one another at a social gathering, or connected on an online app, there’s likely a lot you don’t know about them. We all want our happy ending, and no one likes to waste their time. Here are some questions to help you get to know your date more quickly.

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