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Counseling For Women

Do You Get Tired Of Always Having To Be Superwoman? 

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Are you a woman who feels anxious, burnt out, and unable to maintain healthy boundaries?

Do you struggle to make time for self-care because you’re so focused on everyone else’s needs?

Are you fed up with people expecting you to be superwoman? 

Let’s face it: you’re probably very, very tired—tired of dating apps, tired of working yourself into oblivion, and tired of spending half your paycheck on cosmetics. Trying to look cute has become a full-time job. Work is stressful and you’re sick of being seen as the office bitch just because you’re successful. All your friends are settling down and getting married and you’re still freezing your eggs and waiting for the right guy. As a result, you may begin to feel like a leftover.

Perhaps You’re Sick Of Fuckboys, Workplace Sexism, And Unrealistic Expectations

As much as you want to find the right partner and have a good career, it probably feels like all your cards are stacked against you. When men are on top, they’re seen as leaders; when you try to get ahead, you’re seen as too aggressive. And when you take your chances in the dating world, all the men you see turn out to be fuckboys afraid of commitment.

Deep down, you probably just wish you could get a moment’s peace. You want a break from all the drama, sexism, double standards, and unrealistic expectations. If this is the case, I encourage you to try counseling for women with me. I want to help you relax, get in touch with your true self, and navigate all the craziness of being a woman in the 21st century.

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There’s No Sugarcoating It: Women Have It Tough

Our culture expects women to get married before 30 and have kids by 35. It also expects them to have incredible careers and keep up with all the latest beauty standards. As a result, being a woman is not just hard—it’s expensive and time-consuming. There’s Botox, facials, manicures, families to take care of, and constant demands from work. 

What’s more, the expectations women face are often contradictory. Women are supposed to be pretty, but if they care too much about being pretty, they’re seen as vainglorious. They’re supposed to be sexual, but if they’re too sexual they get slut-shamed. They have to be ambitious, but if they’re too ambitious, they’re viewed as masculine. Little wonder, then, that so many women suffer from anxiety, depression, and other mental health issues.

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Many Women Who Are High-Achievers Struggle With Stress And Perfectionism 

In my area of New York City, a lot of women are high-achievers who are single, driven, and refuse to settle. While there are benefits to this way of life, it can be incredibly stressful. Eventually, many of us burn out—it’s simply not possible for anyone to handle all the pressures that society places on us. 

That’s why I’m here. My role in counseling is helping women manage their stress, prioritize self-care, and free themselves from unrealistic expectations.

Counseling For Women Can Help You Be Your Authentic And Beautiful Self 

At the moment, you might find yourself falling into the same relationship patterns again and again—but you don’t know why. Perhaps you always end up dating the same type of guy even though you try not to. Maybe you want a serious relationship but all the men you go for just want to fuck. Therapy is a chance to figure out why this keeps happening. It’s about picking up on unconscious patterns in your life that hold you back from your true potential. 

As a counselor, I am honest and kind at the same time. I want to help you figure out what keeps you from getting the love you want and hold up a mirror so that you can see yourself fully. Together, we will explore whether your expectations for yourself are realistic or not and how you can adjust them so that you don’t have to deal with so much pressure. 

What To Expect In Sessions

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Therapy for women is about digging under the surface. I want to help you learn about your attachment style (secure, insecure, avoidant, etc.) and identify the core beliefs that show up in your relationships and dating life, such as a scarcity mindset (“no one will ever love me”). 

Oftentimes, these beliefs can be traced back to your first love and your relationship with your mom and dad. Maybe your early childhood relationships taught you that you can’t take up space and ask for what you want—being a woman meant people-pleasing and kissing up to everyone. 

It is incredibly powerful to question your relationship patterns. Once you realize you can take up space and ask for what you want, it’s like a major paradigm shift. Something inside of you releases. You can feel free to go after your dreams, stop listening to toxic men, and be more authentically you!

Tailoring Your Treatment Plan

My approach to therapy is rooted in psychoanalysis, which is one of the deepest ways to understand the human mind. This approach can help you uncover the unconscious reasons that you keep getting into the same kind of relationships and defaulting to the same unhealthy beliefs about yourself. After all, the conscious mind is just the tip of the iceberg. Once you tap into the rich inner world that lies beneath it, you can expand your emotional awareness in ways you never dreamed.

Ultimately, being a woman is hard. You deserve all the emotional support you can get. My goal is to empower you to take life by the reins and love yourself in a deeper way.

You May Have Some Questions About Counseling For Women…

If I come to therapy, doesn’t that mean something is wrong with me?

No, it most certainly doesn’t! Most of the clients that see me are highly-functional and successful. Therapy is like a gym for your mind—just as you would work out your body, it allows you to exercise your mind so that it stays healthy and strong. 

What if I don’t have the time or money for therapy?

Therapy does cost time and money, but in the grand scheme of things, it is worth every penny. This is a life-changing and transformative process. It’s an investment that can have lasting benefits on your life. Besides, most insurance plans will cover counseling, so it’s important to check with your provider ahead of time to see how you can save money! 

How often are your sessions?

I offer weekly sessions because they are important for efficiency and effectiveness. Although you are welcome to take breaks here and there, I do not offer monthly or biweekly sessions. My practice is all about deeper work and monthly/biweekly sessions make it hard to do that. When you meet once or twice a month, there is often so much catching up on life to do that there is little room for deeper work. As a result, it’s good to meet once a week.

You Deserve To Be Loved And Accepted For Who You Are

If you want to improve your self-esteem and embrace your beautiful, badass self, I encourage you to try women’s empowerment counseling with me. To get started, you can contact me or text/call me at 347-631-8350 to set up a free 15-minute phone consultation.

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