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Private Thoughts From a Psychodynamic Therapist
Man in nature in deep thoughts

"There is no way to correct without divorcing the story and marrying the truth"

"Facts do not cease to exist just because you ignore them" - Keith Cunningham

Being open to reality, we try our best to lean in and tolerate more with reality, and that's what my job is as a therapist. I am in the business of relationship psychology and psychoanalytic therapy.

Thoughts, feelings, and fears, envy, and curiosity towards me as a therapist.

Part of my job is to learn what is going on in your mind. Stuff is going on behind the scene - Unconscious. My self as a tool, while engaging with my client.

How do I respond in the face of another's sadness, anger, envy, and fear?

What hooks me? I go to my therapy and supervision because I need to know what I am blind to? What scares me? What do I avoid? What do we lean into?

Unconscious life, including mines (therapists, cannot see or have access to) and the client's (he/she is coming to see me), all of this is the field. The field is where we have fun, the unconscious goes exploring, paying very close attention to the field on what is happening. We find out what we are avoiding, clues, patterns and relationships.

What are the clues? I will notice in the session and pay attention, how am I feeling at this moment? (envy, frustration, boredom, confusion)

What am I thinking about therapists? in group supervision, information about myself and others

What am I feeling about that client?

What do I want? (What do I want to be happening?)

What questions do I have? (curiosity)

My ability to stay present and curious about what is happening is the key to finding what is hidden in the field.

This is not easy. certain parts of clients may not want to be brought consciously into the present, stay hidden. you have to be willing to do the hard thing with them.

The thing in the box (Unconscious), goes with this work and relationship. It will help clients see what are the unconscious patterns that the client carries with them.

Thank you for reading my thoughts on psychoanalytic therapy. If you're interested in learning more, please contact me to book a 15 minute consultation.

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Offering Virtual Therapy Throughout New York and In Person Therapy on the Upper West Side, NYC.

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