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How To Deal With The Holiday Blues If You Are Sad and Lonely As Fuck.
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December can be a fun and happy month to spend time with family and friends but also extremely sad and lonely if it reminds you that you do not have family and friends. For some, it's a reminder that this may be their last year of spending with their family member who is dying from cancer. You may also just get out of a breakup and wish you have a plus one to bring to holiday parties and family dinners. Sometimes, spending time with family is not always easy, you may have an annoying trump loving family member that gets on your nerves. Or, it's a reminder that your family or friend has passed away, and it's the first Christmas or New Years that you will be spending it without them.

I came up with some tips to help you get through this month because I got you!

Reset: Take this time to reflect and give space to bring the energy back to yourself. It means slowing down and being intentional about what it is that you really want in life and throwing shit that you don’t need out. It may also be cleaning or fixing something in your apartment that always bothered you but you were ignoring, like a door that just doesn’t lock or carpet stain.

Allowing Yourself to Feel Deeply: Take this time to cry like a motherfucker, and allow yourself to feel the emotions of grief, shame, guilt, sadness, anger, and fear. Once you let go of the bad feelings, you will start to make room to feel joy and peace again. Good things are coming! 🙂

Breathing: Take this time to do some slow breathing (my favorite breathing in your nose is 4 seconds breathing in, 7 seconds holding and 8 seconds breathing out through your mouth), and connecting with your body. Notice any tension or tightness when you feel anxious or sad, and breathe into that space and speak to it. Your body holds a lot of emotions, trauma and memories, allowing your gut and instincts to speak to you.

Meditation: Spending 5 minutes each day sitting with uncertainty and noticing your breathing. Now if you have ADHD or have extreme fear of being alone with your thoughts, you can do a  walking meditation, where you take four steps, and breathe in and four steps, breathe out, very slowly.

Listening to Music and Singing in the Showers: Music has very powerful healing properties, put a nice candle, and some music, and start shaking it off or singing along.

Journaling: Writing down and connecting with yourself through pen and paper help you let it out and put your thoughts into reality. It's quite powerful, and helps you be with yourself and your soul.

Self Compassion: Practice having kind thoughts and empathy towards yourself. Accepting parts of yourself instead of trying to change it. You can tap in affirmations such as “I am enough” or “I deserve good things”

Therapy: If nothing above works, I suggest booking a therapy session with me for some self-care counseling and life balance counseling.

If you are interested in learning more about counseling for women and how it can help you, please contact me to book a 15 minute consultation.

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