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4 Ways to Quell Anxiety About Racial Profiling
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Anxiety has become the most common mental health disorder, appearing in various forms. Understandably, for people of color, systemic racism, microaggression, and overt racism can fuel anxiety. The potential dangers that come with racism range from job discrimination to physical violence. Racial profiling, the experience of it, and the fear of it, can cause crippling anxiety. Learning methods for keeping your anxiety at bay are paramount, especially when racial matters are concerned.

1. Embrace Your Culture And Heritage

If you are not a practicing positive self-talk person, there is no better time than now. Show pride for who you are and where you come from. Negative talk can pile on shame and humiliation, giving greater power to your anxiety.

Learn about your culture and what makes you unique. Don’t be afraid to share that with the world. By being your own advocate, you might find new support that you didn’t realize existed. Plus that positivity can help boost your self esteem to be better equipped to handle any racial discrimination. Confidence looks good on you!

2. Learn Your Personal Triggers

In the tumultuous time that is 2023, the more you know about your own self, the more you will be able to quell your anxieties. Self-awareness is something that requires a good amount of personal reflection.

When you find yourself faced with a racial situation that amps you up, make a note in a journal. Keep note of these types of situations so you can try to avoid them in the future. At the very least, it will help you process and reflect on what you experienced.

You may find that understanding your triggers more will allow you to be more self-aware if you find yourself in a similar situation. Anxiety comes from a place of perceived loss of control. Being able to conquer this piece can allow for growth and some semblance of control.

3. Look For Silver Linings

Racial profiling and racism in the world today is an unfair battle that doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. Find ways to turn that narrative into something positive, even if it is something small. There is a balance that can be found.

Hold on to small moments or little things that create a silver lining and reason to be grateful. Use that as a platform to help others who also share the same challenge. Create a safe space or support group for helping each other through tough times.

Forming a community is a way to impact change and put some of the negative energy into great use. All it takes is one person to start a movement. Activism opportunities can be a silver lining.

4. Engage In Self-Care Practices

Do this daily! It is great for your mental health and reducing anxiety levels. The world is tough, intense, and scary at times. Taking some you time can alleviate even the smallest amount, which is a win nonetheless.

Incorporate physical activity of some kind each day with moderate exercise a few times a week. Choose the activity that best meets your needs.

Partake in meditation and/or breathwork to reduce anxious feelings. If it isn’t your normal jam, research some app options to provide guided practices. Research has shown significant health benefits when meditation and proper breathing are practiced.

Be mindful of the types of foods you consume. Keep it healthy and nourishing when possible. Limit alcohol and caffeine intake, especially when anxiety is at a high.

Overcoming anxiety is not a one size fits all approach. There is some trial and error before success can be found, and that may change as you adapt or as the world changes. If you would like further assistance, consult us today.

Find an Asian American therapist that understands you and is willing to learn. If you want to hop on a quick chat to find out more about me, please reach out.

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